Playtech has made its name in the online casino industry with efforts in the direction of enhancing the user experience and offering as much diversity in its gaming as possible to ensure that the desires of every kind of online gambler are met.

Every year Playtech introduces new games in its online casinos to make sure that people don’t get bored and they have something new to look forward to every year. Some of the games gain popularity with people, whereas there are few that don’t gain popularity. Moreover, there is another category of games that is usually ignored by the people, without realizing the fact that they might have some great catch. The lines below discuss the best and new playtech casinos and also games you have never played by now, the playing of which is worth it.

playtech casinos

High Way Kings:

One of the best and perhaps most entertaining Playtech casinos slot game that you have never played and the playing of which will definitely be worth your while is the High Way Kings. As the name indicates, the game is full with adventure and requires you to play the game to win big.

The best feature of the game is that it allows you to choose the winning combination from across the screen that increases your chances of winning the game. This feature keeps you thrilled and allows you to increase your chances of winning the game by just being smart.

The second major feature of the game that makes High Way Kings deserving of every slot from the game player is the Dollar Ball bet where you get to participate in the progressive jackpot game and have to find a combination of 49 by choosing five numbers. There is a draw with balls in the game and if your combination is the one that comes in the draw then you are awarded the jackpot amount instantly.

Therefore, if you haven’t tried High Way Kings till now, then you should really consider playing the game.